Chilliwack School District Visual Identity

Excellence in Communication

Just as we seek to provide excellent learning experiences for all students across the district, we also aim to communicate consistently and professionally wherever people encounter us as a district.

Therefore we take seriously our goal to implement and manage a strong visual identity as a clear reminder of our mission, strengths and benefits, and to demonstrate that we work together.

We seek to be visually clear and consistent at every point, so people can immediately identify us, and to reinforce a strong impression every day. We also seek simplicity and efficiency in doing things the same way, according to plan, and by using tools provided.

Visual Identity Toolbox

The Visual Identity Toolbox is a resource for District staff that includes many templates as well as a guideline for design, layout, logos, fonts, colours and other important visual elements. It provides direction for anyone creating print or electronic documents from stationery to websites, newsletters to Powerpoint. It is also a valuable corporate asset, and access is for authorized staff.

Copies of the Visual Identity Guideline and Toolbox files are available online for staff members.

If you are a staff member and require access to information, please ask your supervisor, administrator or the assistant superintendent’s office. If you represent a publication or other third party, and require access to certain design assets, please contact the assistant superintendent’s office to obtain them.