District Transportation

The Transportation department will not be accepting registrations for the 2014/2015 school year till May 1st 2014.

School District Transportation 2013/14


The safe transportation of students is everyone's concern. It requires cooperation among students, parents, drivers and teachers.

Registration Information and link for Parents 

Transportation is provided for eligible school aged students attending District Schools who have registered to ride a school bus. Buses are provided by the Ministry of Education for students whose primary residence is beyond the walk limits of their catchment school or board approved bussing for safety reasons. Courtesy riders may be accommodated on a space availability basis.

WALK LIMITS: are set by the School District and measured as the shortest distance by public road and/or public walkway from the primary residence to the catchment school.

  • Kindergarten to grade 6 students beyond 3.0 km; and
  • Grade 7 to 12 students beyond 4.0 km.

Students with special needs; see eligibility below.



  • Regular Riders Zone: the area beyond the walk limits of the catchment school.
  • No Rider Zone: This is the built-up areas of Chilliwack and Sardis (area served by City Transit) and an area approximately 2 km by public road from rural elementary schools.
  • Courtesy Rider Zone: the area between the No Rider Zone and the Regular Rider Zone.


Regular Riders: Five (5) categories of students entitled to bussing.

  • Rural Riders: these are students who reside beyond the walk limits attending their catchment school. The school locater below may be used to determine walking distances to the catchment area school. http://mybaragar.com/index.cfm?event=page.SchoolLocatorPublic&DistrictCode=BC33
  • Promontory Riders: are GW Graham students living in the Promontory Elementary catchment area.
  • Overflow/alternate School Riders: are students who are asked to attend a school outside his/her catchment area due to lack of space (overflow) or a student assigned to an alternate school.
  • English language learner riders: students approved by Student Services enrolled in English language learning (ELL) classes.
  • Special Needs Riders: students who are unable to walk to and from school due to physical or mental disabilities. Approval from Student Services is required, administrative regulation 710.3 refers.

Courtesy Riders: Three (3) categories of students eligible for courtesy bussing.

  • Conditional Riders: are students living between the regular rider zone and the no rider zone attending their catchment area school. Bussing may be provided based on availability of seating on an existing bus route. Priority will be given to elementary students and students living furthest away from the school.
  • Special Program Riders: are students attending special programs approved by the School Board such as French immersion (see conditions below), special reading programs and drug and alcohol referrals. Walk limits apply.

French Immersion students: Bussing may be provided based on upon availability of seating on an existing bus route as follows:


o   Elementary and middle school students living north of the freeway to Strathcona Elementary and Chilliwack Middle School and students living south of the freeway to Sardis Elementary and Vedder Middle School.


o   Secondary students living north of the freeway to Sardis Secondary School.

  • School of choice riders: are students attending a school other than their catchment school by choice.  Bussing may be provided based on upon availability of seating on an existing bus route. Bus will not be re-routed.