ELL/ESD Department

English Language Learners (ELL) & English Skills Development (ESD)


Who are we?

We are specialist language teachers:

  • with a respect for and understanding of cultural diversity
  • with specific training in working with students developing English skills
  • working directly with students and also within the larger learning community (teachers, caregivers, Learning Service specialists, Settlement Workers in Schools (SWIS), and other community agencies working with newcomers)
What do we do?

We help students succeed in all content areas of the English academic environment by supporting them in language acquisition and skills development.

We also help students to succeed by focusing on their social and emotional growth.

Who do we work with?

Students qualify for the program through a needs-based assessment and must meet ministry criteria.

They may be:

  • Immigrants
  • International students
  • Children born in Canada
  • ESD/Aboriginal students with varying dialects
  • Francophones
  • Refugees
  • Children adopted from other countries
How do we do it?

Pull-out Service:

  • Individual or small groups
  • Hands-on activities
  • Vocabulary building
  • Oral language development
  • Content area support
  • Active participation to build confidence

Indirect/Collaborative Service:

  • Adaptations provided to the classroom teacher
  • Curriculum resources
  • Activities to be done independently
How can we be contacted?

Teachers, caregivers, and/or school administrators can contact Student Services and a trained language specialist will answer your questions.

Learning Services ELL / ESD Co-ordinator


Itinerant ELL / ESD teachers providing service on a weekly basis:

  • Amy Green - Phone: 604.703.1743
  • Julie-Anne Taylor - Phone: 604.703.1734
  • Michelle Tisza - Phone: 604.703.1728
  • Rae-Dawn Ajabu - Phone: 604.703.1766
  • Sherry Liptak - Phone: 604.703.1739
  •  A.D. Rundle Middle, Chilliwack Middle, Vedder Middle, Sardis Secondary, Watson Elementary, Cheam Elementary, Bernard Elementary, Sardis Elementary, Yarrow Elementary-please contact these schools directly to speak to their ELL/ESD teacher.