Lit Kits

The purpose of using Lit Kits in the classroom is to increase engagement for all learners while strengthening Aboriginal students sense of belonging.  The Lit Kits were created through consultation and partnering with local community, they reflect local culture, language, and history as well as educating students on other First Nation regions of Canada.  BC prescribed learning outcomes (PLOs) are identified and assessment rubrics provided.

About The Lit Kits:

These kits are not intended to be ‘Aboriginal Units’ but rather sample lessons designed to weave Aboriginal culture, language and history into daily literacy lessons.  The kits include literacy lessons, books, artifacts, supplemental resources and some hands-on activities.  Great attention has been given to sound lesson design (connect, process, transform and reflect) and sample assessment rubrics are included.  The lesson format can easily be duplicated in classrooms using other stories or non-fiction resources.  The strategies used in the lessons are drawn from Smart Learning, Reading Power, Writing Power and the 6+1 Traits of Writing. Each binder includes suggestions for supporting students with language challenges (ESL/ESD).  We strongly suggest you preview the binder and the contents of the kit before beginning the lessons with the students.  There are numerous opportunities to truly engage the students by viewing the pictures, wearing the hats, feeling the rabbit fur, smelling the leather or hearing the drums. Enjoy this learning experience.

Lit Kits Content:


Frog Girl

Red Parka Mary

The Rough Face Girl

The Elders are Watching


Sign Out a Lit Kit