Parent Committees

All parents and guardians who have a child registered in Chilliwack School District are automatically members of the school's Parent Advisory Council (PAC).

Parent Advisory Councils (PACs):

  • enhance communication and cooperation among students, school, home and community in providing for the education of children
  • advise in local school decisions
  • assist in setting school policy
  • sponsor programs and forums
  • volunteer in schools
  • coordinate school events, hot lunches and fund raising

The District Parent Advisory Council (DPAC):

  • provides input to the Board of Education on parental views about school district programs and policies
  • communicates with parents about school district policies, programs and activities
  • assists parents and PACs in accessing services and information
  • liaises with partner groups and community organizations
  • organizes school district events for parents
  • provides parent representatives for various committees
  • provides a local voice on the B.C. Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils (BCCPAC)

For more information on PAC contact your child's school.

Find more information on DPAC here...

Advocacy Service

Advocates are volunteer parents appointed by the district's DPAC and trained to help other parents in resolving school based issues. The Advocacy Service will assist in situations where additional support may help parents and students to quickly and effectively resolve concerns with the school before they grow into more difficult problems.

An Advocate can:

  • be an active resource person that parents can turn to for information and support
  • be a good listener, someone to help you analyze a problem and identify the issues
  • help by explaining rights and responsibilities, as well as policies, procedures, and protocols within the education system
  • assist you in considering the options available and in developing a strategy for resolving your issue.

Further information is available from your child's school or your school PAC.

School Planning Council

The provincial government has mandated the establishment of School Planning Councils to formally acknowledge the importance of parental involvement in improving student achievement. A School Planning Council is an advisory body with the responsibility of consulting with the school community in developing, monitoring and reviewing school plans for improving student achievement.

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