On March 7, 2017, the Board of Education approved the concept of reconfiguration of Chilliwack Schools to K to grade 5, grade 6 to grade 8, and grade 9 to grade 12, with the exception of Rosedale as K to grade 8. Implementation will occur in fall 2018 and the Board will be provided with regular reports regarding implementation plans and consultation.

The Board of Education understands that Reconfiguration will have an impact on our schools, students, parents, staff and the community, and that there are many questions and much planning and consultation required. As such we are please to provide the following information. Further updates will be posted as they become available.

November 8, 2017 Update

On November 7, 2017 the Board of Education approved the following Recommendations for Redefined Boundary and Feeder School Relationships:

  1. Future planning is based on balancing enrolments in Middle and Secondary schools so that programs and supports that best meet the learning needs and interests of all of our students can be provided.
  2. Based on feedback from the Reconfiguration – Implementation Advisory Committee, and feedback collected from staff, parents and students, the recommendation for redefined Boundary and Feeder School relationships is Option 3, as reflected in the options presented to the Board on October 17, with two enhancements:
    • Watson catchment students are in the Vedder Middle catchment. However, choice will be provided to these students to attend MSMS, depending on the proximity to their Middle School and,​
    • Greendale students will attend VMS and SSS.
  3. Students will not be required to change from the school they are currently attending due to catchment changes.
  4. Current grade eight and nine students attending MSMS may have the choice to attend Sardis Secondary.
  5. Students attending a Middle School that is outside of their catchment will be planned for to attend the Secondary School associated with that Middle School.
  6. Siblings will be kept together to ensure consistency for families and to make transportation easier for families.
  7. As per Policies 611 and 531, continue to provide choice for students to attend a cross boundary school.
  8. Align Secondary School timetables, where feasible, so students can take a unique combination of courses at different Secondary Schools.
  9. With increased enrolment, GW Graham will provide additional academic class options at the Secondary level.
  10. Inform parents well in advance of the new school year regarding bussing options, particularly if they are beyond the walking limit, and communicate if the student has regular or courtesy rider status.

Please see Reconfiguration - Boundary Information & Feeder School Relationships: Option, Map, Qs & As.

November 1, 2017 Update

Please see the Middle School Reconfiguration FAQs.

October 25, 2017 Update

Thank you to the many parents, staff and students who provided feedback regarding the proposed Draft Options for Boundaries and Feeder Schools. The feedback is part of the information being used to provide Recommendations to the Board by the Superintendent at its November 7, 2017 Board Meeting.

The Reconfiguration – Implementation Advisory Committee met on Monday, October 23 to also provide feedback to the Superintendent regarding the proposed Draft Options. 

The substantial feedback and considerations provided by parents, staff and students, along with the Advisory Committee, have been consistent in highlighting pros and cons of the three Draft Options.

Thank you again for your engagement and patience.

October 11, 2017 Update

The Reconfiguration - Implementation Advisory Committee, Co-Chaired by Trustee Bob Patterson and Superintendent Evelyn Novak, along with Committee members representing trustees, district leadership, principals/vice principals, teachers, support staff, DPAC, PACs, parents and our Aboriginal Advisory Committee, met for its regular meeting on Tuesday, October 10. Three (3) Draft Options were reviewed regarding redefined Boundaries and Feeder Schools, with the caveat that there may be minor amendments to options provided. Please see the 3 Draft Options: Option 1, Option 2, Option 3. 

The Committee may have another meeting in October to provide additional feedback, after the Board of Education reviews the Options and gives further direction.

Feedback can be provided to Superintendent Evelyn Novak


Members of the Reconfiguration – Implementation Advisory Committee:

Superintendent: Evelyn Novak - Co-Chair

Trustees: Bob Patterson - Co-Chair, Silvia Dyck

Assistant Superintendent: Rohan Arul-pragasam

Director of Instruction: Janet Hall

Director of Instruction: Kirk Savage

Principals: Chuck Bloch (Elementary), Paula Gosal (Middle), Brian Fehlauer (Secondary)

CTA: Tammy McKinley (Elementary), Michelle Kohuch (Middle), Ed Klettke (Secondary)

CUPE: Theresa Alexander, Shana Kirkland, Lori Lambert

DPAC: Diane Braun, Jessica Clarke

Aboriginal Education Advisory Committee: Wenona Hall, Loren Muth

Parents North: Kim Karr, Judy Rocher, Mike White

Parents South: Steph Brubaker, Kyla Schell, Natasha Taylor

September 2017 Update

We are on track to successful reconfiguration within Chilliwack School District for the 2018/19 school year.

Reconfiguration will see our schools structured in the following way:

Elementary Grades K - 5
Middle Grades 6 - 8
Secondary Grades 9 - 12
Rosedale Traditional Grades K - 8
GW Graham Grades 9 - 12


The Reconfiguration Advisory Committee, created in spring 2017, had its first meeting this fall – with 24 participants representing a broad cross section of our school community. This committee, which is also connected to our Working Committees at the Elementary, Middle and Secondary levels, ensures that we are considering multiple perspectives as we implement Reconfiguration.

Even though we have only just started the school year, our schools are already planning transition pieces with excitement for grades 5 and 6 students at the Elementary level, and grades 8 and 9 at the Middle level.

Work undertaken to date has highlighted a growing list of resources to be considered. Early work has identified resources such as play structures and library books, which we will address in more depth in coming months.

Work still to be completed this fall includes a Boundary Review. Boundaries determine catchment areas and align areas of our city with appropriate schools (elementary, middle or secondary). It is important that our schools are balanced for population and proximity. Following this determination, a transportation plan will be put in place.

Our staff is working diligently to further this work over the coming months and we are looking forward to successful Reconfiguration for the 2018/19 school year.

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