Online Registration opens January 15, 2018! Visit to learn more... #sd33learns1 day 7 hours ago
Sign your children up today for the B.C. Training and Education Savings Grant: weeks 3 days ago
Please see the Board of Education's approved option for Boundary & Feeder School Relationships on our Reconfigurati… weeks 2 days ago
November 7, 2017 Live Stream/Recording 7 pm weeks 3 days ago
Happy Halloween! Have fun and stay safe! weeks 3 days ago
Reconfiguration Update - Thank you for feedback on the Draft Options for Boundaries and Feeder Schools at — 7 weeks 2 days ago
Media Release - Chilliwack School District weeks 2 days ago
The Board Meeting begins at 7 pm tonight. — 8 weeks 3 days ago
October 17, 2017 Live Stream/Recording: weeks 3 days ago
3 Draft Options for redefined Boundaries and Feeder Schools now on our website: — 9 weeks 2 days ago
Redefined boundary and feeder school relationships at SD33 schools now available on our website: weeks 1 day ago
@ChilliwackSD33 recognizing the work of all our staff on #WorldTeachersDay. Enjoy a crisp apple with your colleague… weeks 1 day ago
@ChilliwackSD33 district staff proud to wear orange today #OrangeShirtDay #EveryChildMatters weeks 10 hours ago
Orange Shirt Day: Every Child Matters. Show your support - wear orange to school next week! @ChilliwackSD33 weeks 1 day ago
Board of Education meeting tonight - September 19. weeks 3 days ago
RT @Fraserhealth: Tips on healthy living, mental wellness, sex ed + resources for teachers. Our #schoolhealth site has you covered https://… — 13 weeks 1 day ago
Meet the teachers, take a tour! Let us welcome you into our schools! Check your school calendar, newsletter or website for dates #sd33learns13 weeks 2 days ago
Attention Motorists! Please slow down in school zones and respect Red and Amber Overhead Flashing lights on buses. Help keep our kids safe! — 14 weeks 2 days ago
Help keep our students safe - teach them to be a great pedestrian! #sd33learns #KnowYourPartBC weeks 3 days ago
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