200 - The Board


200 Policy: Development of Policies and Regulations

201 Policy: Suspension of Policies and Board Approved Regulations

202 Policy: Administration in Policy Absence

203 Policy: General Powers and Duties of the Board

204 Policy: Governance Principles

205 Policy: Code of Ethics for Trustees

206 Policy: Duties of Chair and Vice Chair

207 Policy: Electronic Participation by Trustees

208 Policy: Board Member Oath-Affirmation of Office

209 Policy: Election of Trustees to Board Positions

210 Policy: Inaugural Meeting

211 Policy: Regular Public Meetings

212 Policy: In-Camera Meetings

213 Policy: Special Meetings

214 Policy: Planning Meetings

215 Policy: Rules of Order

216 Policy: Motions

217 Policy: Debate

218 Policy: Voting

219 Policy: Conflict of Interest

220 Policy: Question Period

221 Policy: Delegations and Representations

222 Policy: Board Committees

223 Policy: Liaison Trustee

224 Policy: External Representation

225 Policy: Board - Superintendent Relationship

226 Policy: Board Self-Evaluation

227 Policy: Trustee Remuneration

228 Policy: Trustee Expenses

229 Policy: Trustee Electronic Communication Support

231 Policy: School Calendar

232 Policy: Trustee Bursary

233 Policy: Recording of Regular Public Meetings

234 Policy: Budget Monitoring and Reporting

234.1 Administrative Regulation: Budget Monitoring and Reporting

235 Policy: Accumulated Operating Surplus

235.1 Administrative Regulation: Accumulated Operating Surplus


222 Policy: Board Committees - Appendix A

223 Policy: Liaison Trustee - Appendix A

224 Policy:  External Representation - Appendix A

226 Policy: Board Self-Evaluation - Appendix A

226 Policy: Board Self-Evaluation - Appendix A Fillable

Board Regulations

222.1 BR Board Committees

222.1 BR Board Committees - Audit Committee

222.1 BR Board Committees - Budget Committee

233.1 BR - Recording of Regular Public Meetings


Bylaw 1 - Board Operating Procedures

Bylaw 2 - Trustee Elections

Bylaw 3 - Indemnification

Bylaw 4 - Appeal Procedure

Bylaw 4 - Notice of Appeal Appendix 4.1


Form 233.1A - Parent Consent for Recording

Form 233.1B - Staff-Public Consent for Recording

Information & Announcements

Ready Set Learn Open House Dates 2019

The Ready Set Learn event is a great opportunity to connect your preschooler to their future school. Open House dates are available now! View the flyer here...

These times are subject to change, please confirm with your local school.

Early French Immersion Deadline Approaching!

The deadline to be included in the Early French Immersion Lottery Draw, if needed, is fast approaching. If you are interested in entering at the Kindergarten or Grade One level, the registration deadline is 12:00 pm on Friday, January 11th, 2019.



Registration for 2019/20 School Year is open.

After you have registered, you will receive a system generated email confirming that your registration has been received. You will be contacted by your catchment school in the new year (January 2019).

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