400 - Personnel


400 Policy: District Code of Conduct

401 Policy: Staff Conflict of Interest

401.1 Administrative Regulation: Staff Conflict of Interest

402 Policy: Respectful Workplace

402.1 Administrative Regulation: Respectful Workplace - Definitions and Responsibilities

402.2 Administrative Regulation: Respectful Workplace - Reporting, Investigation and Resolution Procedures

Form 402.2: Workplace Bullying and Harassment Complaint Form

403 Policy: Police Information Check - Volunteers

403.1 Administrative Regulation: Police Information Check - Volunteers

404 Policy: Whistleblower Protection

404.1 Administrative Regulation: Whistleblower Protection

407.1 Administrative Regulation: Leave of Absence Public or Civic Duty

411.2 Administrative Regulation: Teacher Release for Presenting in-Service

411.3 Administrative Regulation: Principals' and Vice Principals' Annual Conference

413.1 Administrative Regulation: Teacher Appointments

416 Policy: Exchange Teaching

416.2 Administrative Regulation: Department of National Defence Nominations

416.3 Administrative Regulation: In-Province Exchange Programs for Administrators

422 Policy: Smoke Tobacco-Free Environment

423.2 Administrative Regulation: Communicable Diseases

424 Policy: Child Abuse and Neglect

424.1 Administrative Regulation: Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect

426 Policy: Employee Recognition

426.1 Administrative Regulation: Employee Recognition

428 Policy: Expenses

428.1 Administrative Regulation: Expenses

430 Policy: Staffing Allocations

430.1 Administrative Regulation: Teacher Allocations - Elementary Schools

430.2 Administrative Regulation: Teacher Allocations - Middle & Secondary Schools

430.3 Administrative Regulation: Position of Special Responsibility

430.4 Administrative Regulation: Clerical Staff Ratios

430.5 Administrative Regulation: Library Assistant Ratios - Secondary

430.6 Administrative Regulation: Business Manager Ratios

430.7 Administrative Regulation: Supervision Assistant Ratios

432 Policy: Unauthorized Personnel


All school use forms can be accessed by staff on SharePoint.


Information & Announcements

Spring Break Activities

Looking for stimulating ways for your student to pass the time at home? Check out our list of activities and online resources for students. There is something for everyone, and for students at all grade levels! 

Activities You Can Do At Home

Education Centre Renaming Opportunity

The Chilliwack Board of Education invites staff, students and the community of Chilliwack help us rename the Chilliwack Education Centre.

The Education Centre is unique school, and while the name Education Centre describes its function, we seek a new name that will promote a strong sense of belonging and pride for students and staff. 

Submissions will be accepted until 3PM April 14, 2020.

Please direct inquiries to Sean Wicker, Principal of Chilliwack Education Centre:

P. 604-792-9277

AD Rundle Middle School Integrated Arts and Technology Cohort (grade 6 - 8)

The Chilliwack School District is pleased to offer an Integrated Arts and Technology opportunity at AD Rundle Middle School beginning September 2020 for students in grades 6 - 8.

An integrated arts and technology approach encourages curiosity, open-mindedness, and a willingness to think "outside the box" within an interdisciplinary, collaborative learning environment.

School Bus Safety Tips

For Drivers

  • The large AMBER alternating flashing lights warn motorists that the school bus is about to stop to either load or unload students; slow and stop if it is safe to do so.
  • The large RED alternating flashing lights warn motorists to STOP as the school bus is either loading or unloading students.
  • Drivers must STOP in either direction whenever you see flashing RED lights on a school bus.
  • After stopping for a school bus, don't start moving again until the bus moves on or the driver signals that it's safe by turning off the lights and pulling

Ride 360 Bussing App

Does your child ride the bus? Get instantly notified if there are any disruptions or delays on your route! The free Ride 360 App provides parents and guardians direct access to their students bussing schedule, while allowing Transportation to send timely notifications and alerts. Download Ride360 from your App provider today! 

Learn how to access your student information on the app, by viewing the User Guide.