500 - Students



500 Policy: Drugs and Alcohol

500.1 Administrative Regulation: Drugs and Alcohol

501 Policy: Student Behaviour

501.1 Administrative Regulation: Student Discipline and Suspension

501.2 Administrative Regulation: Student Behaviour -Sexual Harassment

502 Policy: Student Search and Seizure

503 Policy: Interrogation or Interviewing of Students by Police in Schools

503.1 Administrative Regulation: Interrogation of Students by Police

504 Policy: Non-Resident Students

504.1 Administrative Regulation: Non-Resident Students

506 Policy: Administering Medications to Students

506.1 Administrative Regulation: Information on the Medical Alert Form

507 Policy: Student Records

507.1 Administrative Regulation: Student Records

507.2 Administrative Regulation: Information for Non/Co-Custodial

508 Policy: Distance Learning Ordinarily Resident

510 Policy: Financial Awards

510.2 Administrative Regulation: District Scholarships

511 Policy: International Student Program

511.1 Administrative Regulation: International Student Program

512 Policy: Supervision of Students

512.1 Administrative Regulation: Supervision of Students during Noon Intermission

513 Policy: Student Safety Equipment

514 Policy: Safe Schools

514.1 Administrative Regulation: Safe Schools

515 Policy: Weapons

516 Policy: Sharing Information by Child and Youth Care Workers

516.1 Administrative Regulation: Sharing Information by Child and Youth Care Workers

517 Policy: Health-Promoting Schools

518 Policy: Distribution of Information or Materials

518.1 Administrative Regulation: Distribution of Information or Materials

519 Policy: Dispute Resolution

519.1 Administrative Regulation: Dispute Resolution

520 Policy: Adult Student Fees

521 Policy: Challenge for Credit

521.1 Administrative Regulation: Challenge for Credit

522 Policy: Equivalency

522.1 Administrative Regulation: Equivalency

523 Policy: School Fees

523.1 Administrative Regulation: School Fees

524 Policy: Physical Restraint of Students

524.1 Administrative Regulation: Non-Violent Crisis Intervention

524.2 Administrative Regulation: Use of Physical Force with Students

525 Policy: Support for Student Education Programs

525.1 Administrative Regulation: Support for Student Education Programs

526 Policy: Allergic Shock - Anaphylaxis

526.1 Administrative Regulation: Anaphylaxis Guidelines

527 Policy: Acceleration

527.1 Administrative Regulation: Acceleration

530 Policy: Home School

530.1 Administrative Regulation: Home School Guidelines

531 Policy: School Admission and Choice

531.1 Administrative Regulation: School Admission and Choice

532 Policy: Extra Curricular School Sports

533 Policy: Maintenance of Order


All school use forms can be accessed by staff on SharePoint.

Form 506.1A: Medical Alert Form PRINT

Form 506.1A: Medical Alert Form FILLABLE

Form 506.1B: Request for Administration of Medication at School

Form 506.1C: Medicine Dispensing Record

Form 506.1D: Request for Temporary Administration of Non-Prescription Medication at School

Form 518.1: Distribution of Materials


Information & Announcements

Ready Set Learn Open House Dates 2019

The Ready Set Learn event is a great opportunity to connect your preschooler to their future school. Open House dates are available now! View the flyer here...

These times are subject to change, please confirm with your local school.

Early French Immersion Deadline Approaching!

The deadline to be included in the Early French Immersion Lottery Draw, if needed, is fast approaching. If you are interested in entering at the Kindergarten or Grade One level, the registration deadline is 12:00 pm on Friday, January 11th, 2019.



Registration for 2019/20 School Year is open.

After you have registered, you will receive a system generated email confirming that your registration has been received. You will be contacted by your catchment school in the new year (January 2019).

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