COVID-19 Updates, District Information, and Useful Links

During these unprecedented times, the Chilliwack School District will continue to work diligently to support our students and families, and provide our school community with current and reliable information regarding COVID-19.

Our commitment to you is to share information in a timely fashion to ensure clarity in communication. Below you will find a curated list that includes links to information and updates we have shared on behalf of the Ministry of Education, and copies of our correspondence with parents and guardians.

School District Planning and Information

  • Please see School District Planning and Information here.

Health and Safety Information

  • Please see Health and Safety Information here.

COVID-19 School Set Up Procedures

  • Please see the COVID-19 School Set Up Procedures here.

Information about COVID-19:

  • BC COVID-19 Provincial Support and Information Website
  • BC Centre for Disease Control COVID-19 Website
  • Public Health Agency of Canada Website

Updates from the Chilliwack School District:

Updates from the Ministry of Education:

Educational Resources For Parents and Guardians:

Social Emotional Learning and Mental Health Resources:

Information & Announcements

CUPE Skills, Training and Enhancement Fund

Applications for the new CUPE Skills, Training and Enhancement Fund will be accepted twice annually for adjudication. All CUPE staff are eligible to apply to this fund. Further information and application forms can be found in the staff section of our website

AD Rundle Middle School Integrated Arts and Technology Cohort (grade 6 - 8)

The Chilliwack School District is pleased to offer an Integrated Arts and Technology opportunity at AD Rundle Middle School beginning September 2020 for students in grades 6 - 8.

An integrated arts and technology approach encourages curiosity, open-mindedness, and a willingness to think "outside the box" within an interdisciplinary, collaborative learning environment.

School Bus Safety Tips

For Drivers

  • The large AMBER alternating flashing lights warn motorists that the school bus is about to stop to either load or unload students; slow and stop if it is safe to do so.
  • The large RED alternating flashing lights warn motorists to STOP as the school bus is either loading or unloading students.
  • Drivers must STOP in either direction whenever you see flashing RED lights on a school bus.
  • After stopping for a school bus, don't start moving again until the bus moves on or the driver signals that it's safe by turning off the lights and pulling

Ride 360 Bussing App

Does your child ride the bus? Get instantly notified if there are any disruptions or delays on your route! The free Ride 360 App provides parents and guardians direct access to their students bussing schedule, while allowing Transportation to send timely notifications and alerts. Download Ride360 from your App provider today! 

Learn how to access your student information on the app, by viewing the User Guide.



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