Board of Education

We are proud of our public education system in Chilliwack and we are committed to working with our partners to provide programs and services to meet the learning needs of our community’s children and youth. Technology, Engagement, Transition and Communication are the pillars of our Strategic Plan and will guide our work in the year ahead.  Our aim, with the support of our partners, is to provide all students with opportunities beyond graduation.

Our Board of Education is focused on our students have the best learning opportunities to ensure success. A strength of the Chilliwack School District is the positive working relationships we have with staff, parents, business and community groups. This collaboration with our “Partners in Learning” is critical for a successful public education system.

The Chilliwack Board of Education provides leadership in shaping and supporting public education in our community.  The Board strives to create an educational environment that will enable students to be active and successful learners.  Our motto "Partners in Learning" acknowledges that it is the combined efforts of students, parents, employees and community members that will result in success for students.

Education Policy Advisory Committee

The Education Policy Advisory Committee supports the engagement of our public through the policy development process and invites your input into its 2014-2015 Policy Review.

Policies Currently Under Review:

Policy 608 - Student Choice

DRAFT Policy 910 - Advertising in Schools

DRAFT Policy 510 - District Scholarships

Policy 907 - Education, Business and Community Partnerships

Policy 906 - Community Use of Facilities

DRAFT Policy 914 - Community Grants to Schools

DRAFT Policy 915 - Relations with Parks Authorities

Policy 514 - Safe Schools

Please send comments or suggestions concerning draft policies under consideration to:

The next Education Policy Advisory Committee meeting is scheduled for February 24, 2015.

Thank you for your participation.