erase = expect respect & a safe education

erase is an initiative provided by the BC Ministry of Education. The program provides annual training and resources to K - 12 educators, counsellors and administrators in the province of BC. The erase website is loaded with information, resources, tools and links for both parents and students.  

Social Media Guidelines for Students, Parents and Teachers

This useful, document was produced by the ERASE Student Advisory, a committee of 20 youth from across BC Public, Independent and First Nations schools.  Included are guidelines and useful information and definitions on current criminal law in regard to social media.  

Social Media Guidelines Resource

Tip Sheet for Parents

SOGI - Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity

Board of Education Statement on Inclusion

Board of Education Message

SOGI Brochure

Safe & Caring Schools Presentation

SOGI Qs & As

Board Statement October 2020

The Board of Education strives to ensure the School District is a safe, welcoming and inclusive place of learning and working, where all members of the community are valued and respected regardless of race, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or religion. The Board dissociates itself from comments of any Trustee that are inconsistent with those values.