District Parent Advisory Council


The Chilliwack School Districts' District Parent Advisory Council (DPAC) is a legislated organization recognized within B.C.'s School Act to represent the parent voice at the school district level. DPAC's main role as an advocate for parent involvement in the education system is to provide input into the development of policy and curricula through the collective views of all School District Parent Advisory Councils (PACs).

DPAC Executive

  • Chair - Katie Bartel  qcnp@fq33.op.pnac.cb.33ds@capd
  • Vice Chair - Meghan Martel Reid  qcnpic@fq33.op.pnac.cb.33ds@pvcapd
  • Secretary - Stacey Gould  qcnpfrpergnel@fq33.op.pnac.cb.33ds@yratercescapd
  • Treasurer - Jessica Clarke  qcnpgernfhere@fq33.op.pnac.cb.33ds@rerusaertcapd
  • BCCPAC Representative - Erin Enns qcnpoppcnperc@fq33.op.pnac.cb.33ds@percapccbcapd
  • Indigenous Representative - Cary Moore qcnpverc@fq33.op.pnac.cb.33ds@pericapd
  • Member at Large 1 - Deirdre O’Connor  qcnpzny1@fq33.op.pnac.cb.33ds@1lamcapd
  • Member at Large 2 - Vrushali Khot qcnpzny2@fq33.op.pnac.cb.33ds@2lamcapd  


Constitution and Bylaws

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