Framework for Enhancing Student Learning (FESL)

The Framework supports a system-wide focus on improving student outcomes and life chances for every student in BC with a particular emphasis on Indigenous students, children and youth in care and students with disabilities or diverse abilities.

Created within the Mandate for the School system - the "Educated Citizen" and the BC Tri-partite Education Agreement, the Framework requires government, school districts, education partners and rightsholders to share responsibility for student success. It is a collaborative approach to increasing student success and life chances for every student in public education in British Columbia.

The Framework is a common reference point which enables all parts of the system to take collective responsibility for making sure students are learning well and are prepared for entering post-secondary studies or the working world.

Highlights of the Framework:

  • Students feel welcome, safe and connected to their school;
  • Students meet or exceed literacy and numeracy expectations for each grade level;
  • Students graduate; 
  • Students have the core competencies to achieve their career and life goals.

SD 33 Framework for Enhancing Student Learning 2021/22 Report

SD 33 Framework for Enhancing Student Learning 2021/22 Appendices

Ministry of Education Implementation of the Framework for Enhancing Student Learning

Ministry of Education Framework for Enhancing Student Learning Policy