Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy

Policies and Administrative Procedures

Policy 210: Privacy

Administrative Procedure 255: Privacy Information Management Program
Administrative Procedure 256: Privacy Impact Assessments
Administrative Procedure 257: Critical Incident and Privacy Breach
Administrative Procedure 258: Access to Records
                                  Form 258A: Access to Records Request

Section 71 Records Available to the Public Without a Request

Consistent with its obligations under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA), the Chilliwack School District supports openness and transparency with its stakeholders and members of the community. The following categories of records have been established by the Chilliwack School District under section 71(1) of FIPPA as appropriate for disclosure to the public without the need to file an access request. All of the listed categories are available on the Chilliwack School District's website

CategoryLocationNature of InformationRelease Date
Bylaws, Policies and Administrative Procedures and Operational guidelinesFollowing adoption
Public Board Meeting Agendas, Minutes and Materials/Documents and materials related to all public board meetingsAs soon as practicable
Strategic Plan plan to set priorities and define the path of the Chilliwack School District.Following Board approval
Transportation Policies and Regulations and regulations pertaining to transportation servicesFollowing Board approval
School Calendars
Annual school calendars developed by the Chilliwack School District.Following Board approval
Annual Audited Financial Statements independent Auditors report on annual financial statements.Following the fiscal year
Financial Statement Discussion & Analysis analysis of the financial performance of the Chilliwack School District.Following the fiscal year
Statement of Financial Information (SOFI) statement of financial information.Following submission to the Ministry of Education
Annual Budgets overview of the Chilliwack School Districts financial information and budget development process.Throughout the school year
Executive Compensation Report Sector executive compensation disclosure report.At the end of October.
Staff Directory by school/siteMonthly
Thought Exchange Community Reports of information collected from the school communityUpon completion of consultation
Long Range Facilities Plan project information and proposalsFollowing Board approval
Aboriginal Education Enhancement Agreement agreement which acknowledges the history, governance and traditional territory of the St:l people.When renewed and approved
Teacher & Support Collective Agreements Agreements for both labour groupsFollowing ratification

* The Chilliwack School District endeavours to post the above listed categories within the listed timeframes. However, more time may be needed in some circumstances.