Middle School Information

Middle school (ages 10 - 14) represents the defining period of growth for a child. During this time children develop their identity, values and worldview. We are committed to providing educational experiences that will guide students successfully through these formative years, and to support this work we commit to the following:

Values, Vision and Mission

In Chilliwack we believe that all young adolescent learners will succeed through developmentally appropriate educational experiences. Our middle schools are committed to high quality instruction through a variety of meaningful learning experiences, creating strong connections within a safe and inclusive community and providing access to the diverse needs of young adolescents.

Our Pillars

Teaming - working with one or two other teachers to support a core group of students

Exploratory - providing students the opportunity to sample high interest courses.

Advisory - dedicated instructional time with students to foster connectedness and positive relationships

Collaboration - ongoing inquiry based team work

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