Racism and Discrimination

June 15, 2020: Steps We Will Take to Build Capacity to Address Systemic Racism and Discrimination In The District

  1. Staff Development & Capacity Building - Cultural Sensitivity and Awareness Training for all staff.
  2. System Scan - Work with the Ministry of Education to complete the “Equity in Action Project” where we will focus on equity and parity for Indigenous learners. 
  3. Curriculum in the Classroom - Ensure K-12 learning outcomes that focus on racism and discrimination are taught consistently in all schools and that the curriculum is inclusive and multi-centric.
  4. Policy and Regulation - Develop comprehensive policy and regulation on inclusion and anti-racism, including how teachers, students, and parents can report and follow up on racist incidents at schools.
  5. Strategic Plan - Embed all of the above strategies in the Board Strategic Plan for the 2020-2021 school year and beyond.

June 9 2020 - Superintendents Statement on Racism and Discrimination