School Bus Registration 2021-2022



Students must present a valid bus pass when boarding a school bus and all riders must register each year.

If your child plans to use School Bus transportation for the 2021-2022 school year, please complete the registration below for each child that requires bus transportation. This registration is to apply for a seat on a bus. Contact Transportation at 604-792-1255 with any questions.

registration fee of $25.00 will be applied for each rider registration.



Student Information (One student per registration)
Student Services Information
Special Needs designation (please select all that are applicable):
Student Transportation Needs

Status message

Registration of those students with Special Needs is subject to SD # 33 Board Regulation 710.3 (click here for more info) and approval from Student Services.  Once your registration has been submitted Student Services will review the application.

Parent\Guardian Information
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Information & Announcements

CUPE Skills, Training and Enhancement Fund

Applications for the new CUPE Skills, Training and Enhancement Fund will be accepted twice annually for adjudication. All CUPE staff are eligible to apply to this fund. Further information and application forms can be found in the staff section of our website

School Bus Safety Tips

For Drivers

  • The large AMBER alternating flashing lights warn motorists that the school bus is about to stop to either load or unload students; slow and stop if it is safe to do so.
  • The large RED alternating flashing lights warn motorists to STOP as the school bus is either loading or unloading students.
  • Drivers must STOP in either direction whenever you see flashing RED lights on a school bus.
  • After stopping for a school bus, don't start moving again until the bus moves on or the driver signals that it's safe by turning off the lights and pulling

Ride 360 Bussing App

Does your child ride the bus? Get instantly notified if there are any disruptions or delays on your route! The free Ride 360 App provides parents and guardians direct access to their students bussing schedule, while allowing Transportation to send timely notifications and alerts. Download Ride360 from your App provider today! 

Learn how to access your student information on the app, by viewing the User Guide.



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