Assistant Superintendent


Paula's journey with the district began in 2005, where she served in various roles, including counsellor, vice principal, and principal. In August 2020, she was appointed to the role of Assistant Superintendent.


Paula is unwaveringly passionate about cultivating joy to create authentic learning experiences for all learners—students and staff alike. By engaging the hearts, heads, and hands of learners, joy becomes the dominant culture, and learners sense safety, belonging, and hope.


The values of vulnerability and grace play a pivotal role in Paula’s beliefs about educational leadership. As Brene Brown states, “if we want to experience deep connection with others, we have to be vulnerable. We have to let people in and open our hearts to love and be loved by others.”


Paula Jordan and FamilyAs the wife and mother of a family of rugby enthusiasts and a dedicated competitive dancer, Paula has honed her scheduling expertise. Skiing, hiking, and volunteering in the community are among the activities her family enjoys together.


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