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June 17, 2020



For immediate release:

The Chilliwack Board of Education is pleased to advise that Mrs. Paula Jordan has been appointed Assistant Superintendent of Schools effective August 1, 2020.

Mrs. Jordan is currently the Principal of Rosedale Traditional Community School in the Chilliwack School District. Paula has a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Trent University, a Bachelor of Education Degree from the University of New Brunswick and a Master of Education Degree specializing in Critical Studies, Counselling, and Educational Leadership and Administration from the University of New Brunswick.

With 13 years of administrative experience at the school level, coupled with extensive experience working as an educator in BC and New Brunswick, Paula brings a wide variety of skills and experiences to her new role. Her administrative history in Chilliwack includes extensive K-12 experiences, most recently at the primary, intermediate and middle levels. Paula also has experience working on and leading district committees aligned with the Board’s strategic vision.

Paula is married and has 2 children. She and her husband Michael moved to the area 14 years ago and Chilliwack has become their home. Their children Tucker and Jane attend Elementary School in SD33, in Grade 5 and Grade 3 respectively. As a family they are extensively involved in school and community activities including rugby, hockey and dance.

In accepting this appointment Mrs. Jordan noted that “education and people are my passion and I am incredibly grateful for the opportunities that this position presents – the opportunity to continue to grow professionally, to be a part of a diverse and skilled leadership group, to foster new relationships across our district, and to promote and support the amazing learning and work that occurs here in Chilliwack. I truly look forward to serving SD33 in this new capacity.” 

Interim Superintendent Rohan Arul-pragasam stated: “In selecting Paula Jordan as our Assistant Superintendent, our Board of Education and I recognize the extensive knowledge, expertise and abilities Paula brings to this role. Her passion, personal qualities and skillset will continue to support School District 33 in building an organizational culture that supports our District Aim of every student a graduate prepared for opportunities beyond graduation.”

The Board of Education extends its sincere gratitude to the staff, administrators and partners who provided input into the recruitment process, including building the candidate profile and participating in the interviews. The contributions provided were very helpful and the Board wishes to thank each participant for their time and valuable input.


Rohan Arul-pragasam

Interim Superintendent of Schools


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Imagine High Virtual Townhall Meetings

Imagine High Integrated Arts and Technology Secondary opens in September 2021 for students in grades 9 - 10. Imagine High is a public school of choice within the Chilliwack School District situated on the former site of the University of the Fraser Valley on Yale Road. By 2023 the school will house up to 700 students from grades 9 - 12.
Please join us for a virtual Zoom Townhall on any of the following dates.

CUPE Skills, Training and Enhancement Fund

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School Bus Safety Tips

For Drivers

  • The large AMBER alternating flashing lights warn motorists that the school bus is about to stop to either load or unload students; slow and stop if it is safe to do so.
  • The large RED alternating flashing lights warn motorists to STOP as the school bus is either loading or unloading students.
  • Drivers must STOP in either direction whenever you see flashing RED lights on a school bus.
  • After stopping for a school bus, don't start moving again until the bus moves on or the driver signals that it's safe by turning off the lights and pulling

Ride 360 Bussing App

Does your child ride the bus? Get instantly notified if there are any disruptions or delays on your route! The free Ride 360 App provides parents and guardians direct access to their students bussing schedule, while allowing Transportation to send timely notifications and alerts. Download Ride360 from your App provider today! 

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